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Woman Abdomen And Waist trainer - -Fitness And Weight Loss Device

Woman Abdomen And Waist trainer - -Fitness And Weight Loss Device

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【Design】It consists of 24 detachable parts, which can be disassembled by pressing a button.You can adjust it according to your own waist circumference. It’s very easy to assemble.
【Easy to Use】Compared to a traditional , the smart does not fall off, which solves the problem that beginners do not use. Has a massage function for relieving labor pain in the waistline.
【Fitness and massage】 This smart hoop can be not only very helpful for you to lose weight, but also an amazing tool to do waist massage. Fat burning speed is 2-3 times faster than normal weighted hoop.
【Applicable people】Suitable for people who need to lose weight, belly fat, postpartum mother, office workers, students! Good for home workout.

1. Suitable for men, women and children. Fit the waist, rotate the waist for a long time without falling off.
2. It can be used in a variety of applications, including postpartum recovery and a sedentary lifestyle in the office. Basketball is also suitable for sports champions.
3. Hoop exercise can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue.

Material: The hoop is made of non-toxic ABS material, smooth surface without burrs, durable and not slipping off.
Color: Pink/Purple
Applicable scenes: Running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and body, sports trends, dance sports
18 knots (waist circumference 90 cm), 21 knots (waist circumference 110 cm), 24 knots (waist circumference 130 cm)
Gross weight of a single product: 1.6KG Size: 32.5*8.5*44cm

Package Content:
1 *  Hoop

Note: All products do not contain sand! ! !

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